I am often contacted about calligraphy for tattoos. I can't tell you what an honor it is to work on these types of projects. The idea of Neither Snow's calligraphy forever adorning a wrist or ankle or hip gives me goose bumps. I thought I'd post some information here about my policy. So briefly:

Yes: Please contact me. I'd be delighted to learn more about your vision and provide you with an estimate.

But: I only work with clients who pledge to send me high quality photographs of the tattoo once it is completed. This expense is built in to and deducted from the estimate, and I can even help you locate a local photographer. I'd love to share the photo with my blog readers, but if you prefer to keep it private that's fine too. It is heartbreaking (and, honestly, hurtful) never to see the final result.

Also: I will announce the winner of the giveaway in conjunction with the Martha Stewart event by the end of the week. My apologies for the delay + thank you for participating!