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I love learning about new projects and collaborations.  If you'd like to work together, the form below is the easiest way to be in touch. I'm currently based in Portland, Oregon and love meeting up with people. If you're here and doing something awesome and creative, let's hang out!

Please note: I am only taking digital commissions (tattoos, invitations, identity, editorial, etc.). I am not accepting any commissions on paper (envelopes, place cards, certificates, vows, etc) at this timeYou can find some of my favorite Calligrapher Compatriots in the "friends" section for these projects. Tell them I sent you! 

The shop is, in fact, password protected. Once I learn a bit more about your project from the form below I'll send along the login and we'll get the ball rolling!


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I am not taking any commissions on paper (envelopes, place cards, etc) at this time. You can find some of my favorite calligraphers in the "friends" section up top.
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If you are inquiring about a tattoo please include the full text of the word or phrase. I can't send you an estimate without this information.

If you are inquiring about something other than a commission, you can also reach me this way:

Email: neithersnow AT gmail DOT com

Phone: 617-459-5617

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions I am often asked. 

Is your calligraphy available to download as a font? 
Nope. But has many calligraphic fonts to choose from. 

I want to learn to write like you. 
Thanks! I'm honored. Please start by reading this blog post. From there, I'd suggest looking for pointed pen workshops in your area. I occasionally teach, and hope to schedule more classes in the future. Some of my favorite calligraphers lead workshops, including Molly of Plurabelle (Los Angeles), Bryn of Paperfinger (NYC/Portland), and Maybelle (Bay Area/Los Angeles/Brooklyn). Besotted blog has a great calligraphy resource list.

Do you coordinate the printing of invitations and paper goods?  
I don't. The invitations you see are printed by (most often) letterpress artists and designers who you can contact here

Do you know a tattoo artist in my area?  
The tattoos are created by tattoo artists around the world. Each tattoo blog post lists his/her name and location. If you are searching for an artist I'd suggest asking to see their portfolio of work with lettering, typography and hairline letters. It's really important to find someone who has this type of experience. 

Is there a way to see all of the tattoos you've designed?
The easiest way is to view the Tattoo category of my blog.   

How long does it take to commission a tattoo?
You receive your first round of designs about 2 - 3 weeks after your order is placed, with each round of revisions arriving about a week after I receive your feedback. So I recommend giving yourself at least two months. That said, I can sometimes squeeze in last minute commissions.

Can I see a video of what it looks like?
Sure! Here's how it goes.