In Print




Mara’s beautiful and unique style always sets the tone for our client’s weddings and events! She brings an effortless elegance to each and every printed detail her script touches. We could not recommend her enough…she pleases the most discerning of clients with her impeccable quality and art.
— Maria Baer, Ritzy Bee Events
There must be a current that runs directly from Mara’s mind to her pen - this is the only explanation for the vibrant fluidity that is created from her hand. Her work is at once unexpected and structurally refined. She breathes life into print, allowing ink to run through channels of expression that are simultaneously inviting and perfectly unique. She is also a joy of a human being and one who I cherish working with.
— Amber Moon, Pitbulls & Posies
Mara is my absolute go-to for any and all calligraphed projects. Her work is flawless and gorgeous and at the same time totally special and unique. I am constantly in awe and always calling to collaborate!
— Jessie Camden Pickren, President of Mr. Boddington's Studio
The beauty of Mara’s work is second only to the joy of working with her... I hope we have many more opportunities to collaborate and I’m grateful for her thoughtfulness, her enduring sense of community and the constant inspiration that I find in your work. Thank you Mara!
— Raj Dagstani, Dagstani & Sons